House of Prayer and Celebration

Mid-Willamette Valley Prayer Group (HOPC)

About HOPC

Mission Statement 

Building up the Body of Christ through Prayer

Recognize the Unity in the Local Church

Encourage through Cooperation in Prayer

Seek and Save the Lost



House of Prayer and Celebration began because of a vision by an elder who was a Gideon.  He saw the need for a Celebration where Christians from all over the Willamette Valley gathered to share the joy of the Lord.  In this celebration those who did not know about Christ would be invited to receive Him.


Some of those in the nearby churches of the Willamette Valley were convicted by this man's vision for a time of celebration.  A group was formed in an effort to reach this goal: a weekend of praise and prayer and joy for the Willamette Valley.  Many of the local churches responded with their support.  Out of these churches was formed a group to pray about this event.  Prayer became the staple of the effort.  Each aspect of the weekend would be prayed for in depth each morning for an hour.  Thousands of hours of prayer were spent on the event and the preceding community events which were called I-Serves.  The overall event was named Willamette Celebration.  It was a great success. An attendance of over 34000 for the weekend.  694 of those attending made commitments to Christ.


The many participants in prayer knew what caused the Willamette Celebration to be a success.  It was the unity of the church praying together for the cause of the gospel.  It was tens of thousands of sincere prayers to God asking that the community hear the good news.  Because of this the good news was proclaimed and made available to those who did not know Jesus Christ as their Savior and friend.


If you want to see the Willamette Valley and Oregon and the United States changed for the good, come and pray with us.  The words of Jesus were that we should ask anything in our Father's name and He will hear us from heaven and meet those needs.  The Bible also clearly describes that the effective prayer of a righteous man can make great things happen.  Come and share what the Lord is doing in your church and in your life.  Join us in seeking God and asking Him to answer the needs that are all around us.